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Velocity hasn't sold separate wing and fuselage kits for a long time.  I expected a few issues with parts and lists and wasn't disappointed. 

I tried to inventory what I had by using the chapter parts lists in the manual.  It seemed like a reasonable thing to do.  However, the manual (that I have) appears to be a combination of SE and XL information.  I am building the SE and I was pretty sure that I should only have two leading edge foam cores and three trailing edge foam cores for each wing.  The parts list for chapter two listed three leading edge and four trailing edge foam cores for each wing.  This project is too important and I'm too new at it to start making any assumptions and that made me suspicious of everything else..

Long story (several weeks) short, I eventually received a parts/inventory list.  There was still some confusion about if I had everything since I received a list of hardware that I was not supposed to get.  The folks at Velocity have always been friendly and after a few e-mails and phone calls, I received a few more things from Sebastian. 

I have everything now, I think.  I guess I will not really know until the end.  Again, the folks at Velocity have always been very pleasant.


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Last modified: 05/13/09