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[Under Construction]

The workshop is a basement garage that is a bit bigger than what passes for a two car garage these days.  I'm hoping that I can limit the used space to one side while working with the wing kit.  The fuselage will require a bit more width, but the single car door will be a problem.  I figure that I will have plenty of time to worry about that before I'm ready for the fuselage kit. 

I have painted the floor, added some electrical circuits and lights. I plan on painting the walls and adding lots of shelving, storage and additional electrical and pneumatic circuits as needed.  I have talked myself into waiting for the initial delivery to see what I will actually need before I put any more time into the work area setup.  I hate to leave my Jeep (MOC1) outside, but sacrifices have to be made.

Quick Shots

More details (later)




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Last modified: 05/13/09