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[Under Construction]

After months of delays, I'm finally getting something done.  Although I sanded the wing spars several weeks ago, this is my first taste of accomplishment:  I get to clip my first corner.  It may not seem like much, but it's something.

My first completed page (04-21-07)

I have appreciated other builders who have shared all of their experiences - good and bad.  So, I'll mention my first and second batch of slurry. 

I mixed way too much for the first batch and it was way to dry.  It was a bit difficult to work with while I tried to make sure that foam core mated up with the spar.  By the time that I worked the inboard core in place, I was starting to get a rock in my bucket.  Ok, it took a while to get it positioned, but I had mixed too much and it was getting hot.  I actually got my wife to come look at the steam rising from the bucket.  She was moderately impressed - with the steam, not me :-).

Batch number two was, as you can imagine, too wet.  It was much easier to spread but it was a bit runny.  I was able to work the foam into place and it mated up nicely, but I kept having to wipe the run off from the spar.  It seemed like it cured at a slower rate, but it was probably because I didn't spend nearly as much time positioning the foam.

Leading Edge Right Wing (04-21-07)Leading Edge Right Wing (04-21-07)Leading Edge Right Wing (04-21-07)


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Last modified: 05/13/09