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Building A Velocity SE FG


[Under Construction]

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The Mission

Stated quite simply, I'm going to build an airplane.  A Velocity SE FG.

This site will be an attempt to document the progress of turning a long time dream into reality. It will also provide an easy, accessible point of information for family and friends (current and future) to see just exactly what is going on with the "He's building WHAT?" project.

Personal Profile

My name is Chris Crabtree.  I'm nobody special.  I don't possess any unique skills or large trust funds and I haven't done anything like building an airplane before now.  However, I think that I can do this.  I'm just a guy who has a few tools and an interest in accomplishing something that I've put off way too long.  I type for a living - I do computer stuff.  That's usually specific enough to anybody that's not a techy or doesn't have a support problem.

Contact Information

e-mail (later)


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Last modified: 05/13/09